Last week my boss gave me his old Ricoh GRD II, he said many street photographers use similar camera. I don’t do much street photography, because I don’t go out that much. Also I am a little shy and worry about taking photos of strangers on the street. Anyway, today happens to be buskerfest at Port Credit (normally I go to the one in Toronto), ┬áso I decided to go down, and test out this little camera.

I have not owned an ultra compact camera for a long time. I almost forgot how light a camera can be. The GRD II was simple enough to use. I only took a few minutes to scan through the manual to figure out the icons, and I was ready to go.

I realized the IQ on the GRD II was alright. My boss did warn me about the noise, but I guess for street photography, noise is not important. In fact it would add more substance to the photo.


One thought on “Street Photography with Ricoh GRD II”

  1. . . looks like the GRD brings out the best in you. These are wonderful.

    Next challenge is black and white film – we’ll do that experiment in the fall!

    Well done


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